By Liz.

Inspired by the past to be enjoyed in the present.

I have been a specialist in jewellery and gemstones my entire working life. As a child, I was fascinated with minerals and gemstones and initially learnt the craft from a neighbour of mine who was a geologist.

I was mesmerised by his mineral cabinet and spent hours admiring the beautiful stones on display. I knew from that young age; this was what I wanted to do!

I started my career at Chilton’s, the store I now own when I was 16 years old. I went on to qualify as a Gemmologist, Diamond Grader, Diamond Technician and then a Registered Valuer. At the time, I was the youngest female to graduate to become a Registered Valuer in Australia.

Following this milestone, I applied to become a member of the AAADA and CINOA. By the age of 21, I bought the business and started trading. Twenty years later, I still love what I do! I am always very passionate and driven and these qualities are reflected in my work ethic.

I have always had a passion for design and a great eye for detail, which is why I love antique jewellery so much.

An eye for detail is what sets me apart from many other jewellers. A lot of today’s jewellery is designed by modern jewellers, these are commonly thick, heavy, and bulky.

I take my inspiration from the past and use the aesthetics and high levels of details common in antique pieces. Within antique jewellery, there is a story behind each piece, along with the era of time that is woven into the design.

I love helping clients design bespoke pieces and watching those pieces take shape in our workshops.  At Chilton’s, we draw everything up in 3D CAD. I love working with this technology as it gives you accurate scaled drawings of what a piece will look like. The design remains dynamic and can be altered to the client’s taste throughout the process.

I have extensive experience in this process, as I have worked with this technology for over 10 years and I also design an exclusive range just for Chilton’s called “By Liz.

This collection is based on influences of the past, the present and the future and is made with lots of love and passion for materials I work with.

Below are pictures of two rings. One of the rings is a piece I created recently for a client (which she loved) and the other piece was brought to us by a client who was not happy with her ring from another jeweller. You can see the difference between the two rings. We are currently in the process of transforming this piece into her dream ring!

So, if you are after a great design, someone who is knowledgeable and highly qualified in gemstones with an approachable attitude that is hard working, then come and see me and the rest of the team at Chilton’s. I look forward to working with you.

Please read information on our “Custom design & remodelling” which is found on our services page.

Chilton's Antiques By Liz

Chilton's By Liz Designed Ring

Gentle, delicate design ensuring the stones are the focus of the piece.

Ring Designed Elsewhere

Heavy, chunky and bulky. The stones aren’t accentuated by the setting, they’re overwhelmed by it.
Liz Stevens Chilton's Antiques