Chilton’s Antiques Online; Behind the Scenes on the Next Chapter

Behind the Scenes

From the start, we set out to showcase all the special pieces we sell.

To complete a project as big as this, we knew from the start we would need to assemble a team of really creative people. It’s been a huge effort from everyone involved, and I think the result is amazing! Welcome to Chilton’s Antiques, online!

We approached many designers and people that create and build websites no one seemed the right fit. We reached out to our IT consultant Kris who came up with Shaun from Create Macarthur. When I found out Shaun had come from an advertising background, had studied at Billy Blue and was in retail, I knew we had found our website designer/developer.

Staying True to our Brand.

When going about redesigning our website we wanted to stay authentic with our brand. So, we wanted to go for a romantic bohemian look to show off our jewellery. We also wanted to try something different from just taking photos of the jewellery and use real-life models.

We have been in business a long time and felt using our clients who enjoy wearing our pieces was the best direction.  We approached Mia, and her mum, Kim as they were a great representation of our business.

Kim especially as she very attractive woman in her 60s we felt her demographics was not used enough in mainstream media we hope to do our little bit to turn that tide.

Our other model is Jemma who works in the shop part-time.  After assisting us with choosing the clothing and jewellery we realised she was a natural in front of the camera.   She looked so amazing we set up a second photoshoot. Jemma had a background in dance so her movement in front of the camera was flawless and natural.

The photography was done by two amazing photographers Nuran Zorlu and Wesley Lonergan.

Both these men created some exceptional photos over 11 weeks, while NSW was in shut down due to COVID-19 restrictions. Nuran is an incredible landscape and art photojournalist who travels through remote parts of the world taking tour groups trekking to remote temples and mountains. Nuran’s photos have won many awards and he has written a book called Persia To Iran which is filled full of his photos of exotic landscapes.

We asked Wesley Lonergan from Anchor and The Sea Wedding Photography to shoot a scene out at Kurnell on the beach and out in Helensburgh – he also shot a lot of the product photos you see as well.

Having known Wes for many years, I knew he would bring great positive energy to everything he did. He also has a fabulous eye for detail and a great work ethos.

Some Behind the Scenes Shots.

We had the wonderful Samantha Lee who is also a client do hair and makeup. Sam’s work is wonderful, and she is a hilariously funny person, so everything is lots of fun working with her. She is extremely creative.

We first met Sam when she came into the shop to buy her engagement ring many years ago.  We knew she would do great hair and makeup that  would help us achieve look we were after. Sam was fun and easy-going. We knew working together would make shoot lots of fun.

Lastly, I wish to thank my staff for the long hours that they have put into the website. Without them, it would not have happened.

Please let us know what you think of the transformation and your feedback on our new look website xx


About Elizabeth Stevens

As the Principal of Chilton's Antiques and with close to 30-years experience in the industry, CINOA, AAADA and NCJV noted expert, Liz Stevens is a consummate professional. Lecturing and writing papers on Gemology and Antique pieces internationally, as well as hosting a 7-year running Antiques Radio Show on 2UE.