Chilton's Antiques Custom Bespoke Jewellery Design

Custom Design and Remodeling

Specialising in creating pieces to cherish

We can remodel your outdated or sentimental jewellery. If we are using your jewellery, the utmost care is taken with your special pieces and stones. For larger stones, we offer a fingerprinting “Diamond DNA” service, where we can plot on a chart your stone’s specific characteristic, as no two stones are alike. This service allows you to be assured that the stone you leave with us will be the stone that is returned to you.

Bespoke Jewellery Design

At Chilton’s Antiques, we have four very busy jewellers, all specialists in different areas. We not only design jewellery from scratch, but we are also pleased to remodel something you already have. We have experienced designers who work in the store who can create your dream piece. We suggest you make an appointment to see either Liz or Nicole, the two designers. Bring along any pictures, ideas, or drawings you may have to help us see your vision.

Our team can work with you to create pieces that reflect your style and personality. We can also help you to individualise your look. Using current technologies and design software that make your design come alive. Our CAD diagrams will show you a 3D image of the finished product. If you need some inspiration come in and have a look at our stock.

The time frame for making and re-modelling is approx. 5 + weeks depending on the time of the year and our jeweller’s workload commitments. Prices start from $1,200+. If you have any broken or unwanted jewellery or gold, we can use this as a trade-in, credited off the cost of the making, reducing the final cost price. We use an array of metals from classic rose and yellow gold to the cool tones of platinum and white gold.

We take our work very seriously and we handle your items with love and care as if they were our own.