Jewellery Repairs

Restoring your cherished pieces.

Chilton’s Antiques offers a wide range of jewellery repair work – from general repairs to remodelling. We specialise in antique jewellery repairs. We have four jewellers who are experts in their field, who all specialise in different areas of repair work depending on what you may require. No job is too large or small. Your pieces are just as special to us as they are to you and the utmost care is taken with their security while they are with us.

We choose to have our work carried out in our secure workshop to ensure the security and safety of your pieces. Our turnaround time is 3-10 days depending on what’s required. Making and remodelling can take 4-6 weeks. If you’re not local to our shop, we can arrange to courier the items to you at an additional cost.

All Chilton’s staff follow a strict protocol when taking in your jewellery for repair which includes documenting and photographing each item. You can rest assured; we lovingly look after your special pieces as if they were our own. For larger diamonds, we offer DNA inclusion mapping with Liz and Nicole our resident Valuers and in-house Diamond Graders.

Repair Services

  • Re-clawing and re-tipping all rings
  • We offer to resize all rings
  • Pearl and bead threading, prices start from $48 depending on the length and if the necklace is knotted or unknotted
  • Antique jewellery repairs
  • Soft soldering and laser repairs (great for items like emeralds, opals and pearls) where heat cannot be applied
  • Gemstone polishing, gem cutting and lapidary work
  • Replacement and sourcing of any gemstones or diamonds. We specialise in replacing unusual things such as old mine cut and European cut diamonds
  • Complex repairs that other jewellers may be lacking the expertise to carry out
  • Enamelling repairs to jewellery. One of our jewellers specialises in the repair of antique enamel jewellery. There are two types of enamelling, Cold and Hard enamelling. Hard enamelling is the fusion of special powdered glass to metal. Most jewellery work we do is cold enamelling as it does not require the piece to be put in a heated kiln and is less costly
  • Rhodium plating and gilding are two of the most common finishes requested. This is a thin coating plated onto metal and does wear with time; it will only last a limited time frame before it will be needed to be re-applied. Customers should be advised to take care to prolong the life of the plating.

A full listing of repair pricing is available in-store. If you have any questions about having your pieces repaired by us, please do not hesitate to contact us.