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Jewellery Valutations

NCJV registered valuer

Liz Stevens is a fully qualified NCJV registered valuer and we offer a valuation service in the store. We value all new items made at Chilton’s Antiques by request and for items purchased elsewhere, we require any paperwork you have from your purchase of the item.

Valuations are recommended for all your pieces for accurate insurance coverage.


What’s the purpose of a Valuation?

Do you want to sell the piece, or is the valuation for your own records, or insurance replacement? For selling, we are a licensed second-hand dealer, please email us, or see Buying, Selling & Trading for more information.

We do not charge to have a look at your items that you’re wanting to sell. For valuations, please see the Cost of Valuations below.

Please bring in any relevant paperwork or past valuations or receipts with you. Doing so allows us to explain and discuss directly if there are any discrepancies. You are obliged to inform us what the use of the valuation is for, as our valuations are not to be used for commercial purposes such as resale.

If there are any legal disputes pertaining to the goods, we need to be informed at the time the appointment is made. As we are a retail shop, we do not have the time to attend court or any legal proceedings on your behalf, so we retain the right to refuse to do the valuation. If this is the case, we will suggest a different valuer who is more suited to your purpose.

House Call Valuations

A certified valuer from Chilton’s Antiques can come to you to appraise your items if you cannot come to us (jewellery will only be valued in-store). These types of valuations obviously have geographical limitations, so please contact us if you’d like to book. You are welcome to send us photos of your items, free of charge, to see if we’d like to buy them from you. Please send them through to us at our Miranda Showroom.

Verbal Valuations

We offer a $25 service (for up to 5 items) for a verbal assessment, which does not include anything in writing. With verbal assessments, no large or single diamonds will be able to be assessed verbally. Diamonds need to be accurately graded and measured (see written valuations). This fee is waived by us if any of the goods were purchased by Chilton’s Antiques.


There are three main types of jewellery valuations:

  1. Probate – Divorce (estate division)
  2. Insurance (replacement value)
  3. Re-Sale (the approximate value of the item, based on current market prices)

Items that will be valued at under $1,000 do not generally require a separate valuation certificate. Receipts are generally deemed adequate by insurance companies.

If the item was bought from, or made by Chilton’s Antiques with a retail price of over $1,000 there is no cost.

  • A single item valuation is $95
  • Multiple piece valuations cost $65 per item

Our valuations will be performed by either Liz Stevens – Chilton’s Director and registered NCJV valuer or our independent valuing partner Gemly Valuations. If you have a preference, let our friendly team know.

As with all things, there is most definitely fine-print. Please see the full list of Terms & Conditions regarding valuations.


Liz Stevens is a NCJV Certified Valuer


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